Thursday, November 17, 2011

A-mazing news!

OH. MY. GIDDY. LIFE... l've just had the most awesome news about sales for my new book, It Started With a Kiss...

Are you ready?

*tries to contain glee... fails!*

Here it is...

It Started With a Kiss has sold an amazing 6,000 copies in its first THREE DAYS!!!!!!

I am completely, utterly over the moon! Thank you so, so much for supporting the novel and for believing in my writing! I'm absolutely chuffed to ribbons (not to mention thoroughly relieved!). It's such a massive thing to put your literary baby out into the big, scary world and it doesn't get any less terrifying when there are three out there. So when I know that people are buying my book - and loving it, which has made me happier than I can express - it's the best feeling in the world!

Thank you so much for all your tweets, emails and lovely blog comments about It Started With a Kiss, too - they've really helped to quieten the pesky publication butterflies that have been pounding my stomach all week!

I will be filming a proper response to this for the next vlog, but I just wanted to share the good news with you as soon as I could. I will be walking on air for the rest of the day - thank you! xx


Kath said...

That is awesome news. Congratulations! and here's to many more thousands of books flying off the shelves into the hands of readers.

Vicky said...

Congratulations! I'm a new follower by the way - I just found your book on Goodreads and it went straight to my wishlist! Can I just say, the cover is absolutely uh-mayzing! I hope I'll be able to read it soon, I'm sure it's great!

And once again, congrats!

Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea

Josefine said...

Wow Congratulations, great news!

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