Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I won an award - let the squirrels dance!

I've just won an award!

I am the winner of Best New Artist in the 2008 ISSA Song Contest Awards!

It's come at an amazing time because I've just been made redundant and my confidence had hit an all-time low. The prize includes a cheque for $500 (about £300), which is really going to help with the bills in the coming months. Right now I'm OK till mid-January and then I'll be in the financial equivalent of Wylie Coyote dashing off a cliff and running on thin air...

It's a scary time - not least because everything rests on my having a job. Not only have the wonderful Tories decided to put me out of work just in time for Christmas, but I've also just discovered that the performing arts academy I teach at is ending in December. There are no jobs anywhere it seems right now and I'm not earning anywhere near enough from the few bits of freelance writing I do to pay my rent and bills. I know it's happening right across the country and it's horrible - even though you know it's your job that's redundant, not you, it's impossible to separate the two sometimes. All I can do is to draw heavily on my Optimism Stores to try to tell myself everything will be OK - and just ride out the panic when it arrives.

I've got to keep positive - if for nothing else to show the world that I'm not beaten yet. In the meantime, I've started writing my NaNoWriMo novel, Travels with my Teapot - excerpts will appear here soon, so watch this space!

My sister sent me this YouTube link and it cheered me up no end - you've got to love Dancing Squirrels...


Jayne said...

Oh no, Miranda, I'm sorry things sound so hard for you at the moment. It's certainly a hard time to get through, financially and emotionally, I hope something comes up for you.

Congrats on the award though, that is awesome! Good for you and thanks for the squirrels! That gave me a real giggle :0)

I've only just managed to start my NaNo novel today, so I'm a LONG way behind....I can't see me making the 50,000 to be honest but I'll keep chugging on. :0)

Chin up, hun.

SAF said...

Hey Miranda, sending you heaps of positive vibes. Someone with your talents *will* do well. I hardly know you, but based on your song, your book and what I've seen of your personality I believe in you. Stay positive! :)

Miranda Dickinson said...

Aw, thanks people!

I'll be fine, just need to keep pushing doors...

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