Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Art of Finishing Things...

I'm brilliant at coming up with new ideas.

Seriously - my head is always brimming with fantastic plots, awesome characters and scintillating scenes. I have a trusty Moleskine notebook (natch) that I carry everywhere with me and it's bulging with ideas...

...Like last week when, I swear, I sat next to the Three Witches from Macbeth in my local Starbucks... Or the old man Bob and I met in the hides at Kingsbury Water Park who I just had to write a story about - which you can read on my short story blog, September's...

My novel, Coffee At Kowalski's,is getting fantastic reviews at - and I only posted it to see if anyone would read it!

The one problem I have is finishing things. Maybe I'm scared. Maybe I'm plain lazy. Maybe I'm worried that if I finish one thing I won't get another idea good enough... And now I've signed up for NaNoWriMo again this year, it about to begin all over again.

It looks like I have to finish writing Coffee At Kowalski's, now that so many people are loving it. I have to finish the final edit of The Mystical Wombat's Guide to Life before I start NaNoWriMo 2008 - just because it needs to go to an agent and for me to stop dithering. The problem is making myself sit down and do it.

I need to learn the Art of Finishing Things. And quick!


Unknown said...

I find finishing things to be a problem of mine also. Not just with writing either (although I have a ton of started things. And I haven't edited a single story of mine, so they're not technically finished, are they?). I have a few cross-stitch things I tried that are unfinished, the list can go on and on. Last year's NaNo was one of the few things I've finished (but once again, not edited, or even read over yet).

Jayne said...

Must be a common problem! I'm the same! And with writing especially, I'm never sure WHEN it's finished either!

SAF said...

Hi Miranda. I just wanted to voice my own support for Kowalskis. (For the record, folks, I don't know Miranda - only 'met' her on authonomy - but I'm an author myself and a reader with excellent taste :) ) Kowalskis one of my Top Authonomy Picks for November!

Michelle said...

You're not the only one who has that problem. I'm four years into Surviving Eden and am just now forcing myself to finish it.

I think you need to finish Kowalski's as well, because how else are they going to publish it? I want that book on my coffee table.

Katharine D'Souza said...

Hi Miranda
thought I'd pop in to say hi as I've just been hijacking a thread all about your book on authonomy - congratulations with how that's going by the way!

Well done on the singer/songwriter comp success too - I love the song. Which led me to thinking, do you ever do any gigs over Birmingham way? I'd love to hear you sing live. Let me know if it's a possibility.
take care

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