Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random Poetry Corner


Ode to the Traffic Cone (aka Colin)

Today, I woke up feeling blue
And stayed that way till nearly 2
When suddenly, outside my home
Appeared a little plastic cone
Called Colin

Don't ask me how I knew his name
Nor seek from whence my new friend came
For all I know is: he is here
And my sad thoughts have disappeared
Thanks, Colin!

Colin, I care not if you
Once lived on the M42
And, with your brothers, caused me pain
When roadworks made me late again
No, Colin -

For all that matters now is you;
O plastic friend of cheery hue,
My loneliness brought to an end
By my bright, happy orange friend:
My Colin!
© Miranda Dickinson 2007

Remember, kids: A cone is for life; not just for Wednesdays...

1 comment:

Chris Mentzer said...

Hi Miranda,
Found your blog via the NaNo forums. Loved the poem about the Traffic Cone! Good luck to you next month!!


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