Thursday, November 14, 2013

Miranda Writes 20 - Plotting Book 6

All this year, I am keeping a video diary about writing and publishing my sixth novel and following the success of my fifth book, Take A Look At Me Now. This week, I reveal the latest #getinvolved winner and talk about plotting Book 6...

I was asked this week about how I plot my books by Catriona Merryweather from Fabulous Book Fiend. It's a very interesting question, not least because for book six I'm trying something new. I'll reveal all in the vlog...

Also, did your suggestion for the name of a kooky Brooklyn craft store make it into Book 6? Keep watching to find out!

Remember that I love answering your questions, so what would you like me to answer for next week's vlog? Post a comment below or email me at


p.s. This week's YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled, 'Spider Hand!'

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Cathy Bramley said...

Hi Miranda!
great Vlog as usual. I think the name for your craft shop is fab - well done Dymphna!
I love your 25 page book outline for book 6 and think that your cover with all your bookshop pics is fab! Can't wait for me details about this book!
I'm still new to all this writing business, but for me, I like to do a one page summary of the key points in the novel. From there I make a spreadsheet listing all the scenes. Then I get on with it! I keep my initial ideas for each scene very brief because as the characters develop they often surprise me and come out with things that weren't in the plan! So the spreadsheet can change as I move forward with the book. So I plot, but in a flexible way.
Looking forward to the next #getinvolved!
Cathy Bramley xxx

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