Saturday, February 9, 2013

The VLOGS are back! Big decisions and exciting times...

All this year I will be documenting the writing, editing and publishing of my fifth novel, giving you a unique, behind-the-scenes look at my life as a writer. This week, I've made a huge decision about Book Five...

I debated whether or not to reveal this, but I think it's something that will encourage you if you're a writer (and show you how important you are if you are a reader!) But over the past two years that I've been filming and sharing my vlogs, I've always been as honest as I can about the reality of being a writer.

So find out what my writing resolution is for 2013 and hear how my search for my FutureStars is inspiring me already...

As always, I love answering your questions in my vlogs. So if there's something you would love to know about writing, editing, publishing, my novels, or anything else, leave a comment below, or email:, chat to me on twitter or leave me a comment on facebook. I'd love to know what you think of the first vlog of 2013 - and my big news!

Enjoy! xx

p.s. This week's YouTube-nominated freeze frame is entitled, 'Look at the beautiful butterfly!'


Mama J said...

110,000 words - ouch.

Thank you so much for putting together the tips for writing a synopsis. I'm sure it'll be helpful for a lot of people.

CescaReviews said...

Great vlog my lovely. And ouch, but clearly right decision if you weren't happy and knew you'd spend months just trying to fix things. GOOD LUCK with new Book 5 - want to hear all about this draft.... C x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Miranda. I'm touched by your desire to help other people achieve their dreams. It's a rare thing, so thanks lots for all your advice. @victoriatwigg

Leah said...

Wow, Miranda, way to go on your big book decision! I'm so glad your vlogs are back, they're such fun to watch and no author offers quite the same insight as you do.

My question to you is: How did your publishers take the news you were re-writing book 5? Were they worried/supportive/think you were utterly mad? :) Is it something publishers understand, I suppose I'm asking.

Laura E. James said...

I'm just taking a minute to recover from the shock-induced tremors, brought about by the thought of ditching 110,000 words. That's very nearly an arm full!
Brave decision, but so obviously right for you.
Great vlog, Miranda. Your enthusiasm is infectious.
Thank you.
Laura x

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