Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday writer inspiration... Dream Job!

Do you write? Have you written a novel? Or are you working on one/two/eighteen? Whatever you do and wherever you're at with your writing, here's a little bit of Friday writerly inspiration to spur you on over the weekend...

The Telegraph yesterday published the results of a survey conducted by search engine Bing to discover the UK's top ten dream jobs. There are the usual suspects: actor, musician, fighter pilot... but take a look at what made number three in the list...


This got me thinking. For some of us, we're lucky to be able to write for a living (I still work three days a week, so I'm only halfway there so far...), but many of us are writing while we are holding down a job... and regardless of whether your words pay your bills or not we're all looking after our families, keeping up with bills and doing a million-and-one other things that make up our busy lives. But how many of us see our writing as a dream job?

Before I was published, I used to think that I didn't have the right to call myself a successful writer until something happened with my writing. After I was published (for a long time, actually), I didn't really believe that I was doing well and was waiting for someone to tell me it was all some massive mistake and take it all away from me. But one thing I have learned (and I wish I'd learned sooner) is to appreciate the immense honour it is to be able to create worlds with my words - and for people to read it. I've since developed a theory that I would advise any writer, published or yet-to-be published:

If you create worlds with your words (even if it's only for you to wander in at the moment), you are doing what the UK considers one of its Top 10 Dream Jobs! Many people dream of writing a novel: few achieve it. If you wake up with stories and characters and scenarios and happenings playing about in your mind, and if you take the time to lasso them down onto paper, you are doing your dream job. Believe in what you are writing and write like you've made it already!

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