Sunday, February 5, 2012

It Started With a Kiss episode 25: Waiting for the edit notes...

This year I'm taking you behind the scenes of writing, editing and publishing my fourth novel, When I Fall in Love. This week, I've been thinking about other projects while I'm waiting for the edit notes to come back on the first draft, buying new funky hats (oh yes!) and answering your fab questions!

Questions this week come from Kath, Jo and Lisa and cover everything from keeping the love of writing alive to writing in different genres and my plans for my new office. Thanks so much for your fab questions - please keep them coming! You can ask me anything about writing, editing, publishing or anything else. Just leave a comment on this blog post or email me at


p.s. This week's YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled 'Funky New Hat Smirk'


Joanna Cannon said...

Brilliant vlog, as always, and I love the new hat! Can't wait to see the office when it's finished!

I'd really like to ask you if you ever experience self-doubt about your writing, and how do you deal with it?

Dark, twisty question. Sorry!

Kath said...

Great answers! I'm really happy to hear that you got back to writing for yourself, despite time constraints. That has got to be one of the keys to writing a great Miranda book - that, and that it makes Kim happy!

Ellis Parker is a great pen-name. Love it! But then Parker was always going to work as a pen name! ;-)

And, as huge Jasper Fforde fans, Squizz and I are keeping our fingers crossed for Vinnie the Mystical Wombat. Here's hoping he gets his chance to shine.

Julia said...

Hi Miranda,

Lovely vlog. It's so nice to hear you say you are writing for yourself. That made me smile.

I was amazed to hear you hadn't been to New York before writing your brilliant debut novel. Have you been since? Would you consider going - or would you worry it wouldn't meet your expectations?

Look forward to next weeks vlog (and hat!)

Best wishes,

Josefine said...

Love the hat!
I was looking through the pre-view book catalouge for the big annual booksale in Sweden coming up at the end of February and saw that Welcome to my world was in it, in English. As my mum rather not read in English, is there a Swedish translation on the horizon? or any other languages?

girlie said...

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