Monday, May 16, 2011

It Started With a Kiss week 12: Names, edits and book spotting...

All this year, I'm keeping a video diary of everything that goes into writing my third novel, It Started With a Kiss, due to be published on 10th November. This week, the edits continue, there's a new hat of the week and I answer your questions on spotting readers of my books and where I find my character names...

After a week of laryngitis and problems with Blogger, here's my latest vlog post - sorry for the wait!

The edits are going well and this week I've taken a week off work to get the lion's share of the editing done. There's been a lot more to change than I initially expected, but I'm really pleased with the results. I think you're really going to love It Started With a Kiss when it's released!

Please keep your questions coming in - I love finding out what you'd like to know! Also, if you have an old hat that you'd like to see get its nine minutes of fame on a future vlog, drop me a line at

So, here it is - enjoy!

p.s. This week's YouTube-nominated freeze frame is entitled, 'Oops, I blinked!'


Anonymous said...

Will 'It Started With A Kiss' be available to buy on Kindle? Soo looking forward to its release! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who looked at film credits or staff credits in magazines for characters names! Great minds think alike, I suppose. ;)

Miranda Dickinson said...

Hi Lauren!
Yes, It Started With a Kiss will be available on Kindle and iBooks and as far as I know it will be coming out on the same day as the paperbacks - 10th November this year. Hope you enjoy it!
M xx

Suzy Turner said...

Hey Miranda! Great vlog, as always! Ditto to both you and jscolley, I love reading film credits to get name ideas... you can often find some really unusual ones like that!
I bought my copy of Fairytale of New York from the book depository and I read it in my home in the Algarve in less than 2 days (couldn't put it down!)
I'm a bit peeved with myself at the mo... I had a load of hats knocking about the house but I gave them to the local charity shop a month or so ago. And they could all have had their few minutes of fame! Sigh. Oh well.
I now own a kindle... totally obsessed with it so I'm chuffed to bits that I'll be able to buy It Started With a Kiss as an ebook. Woohoo!!

Debs Carr said...

I found my daughter's name by looking at the credits, though I'm not sure if I should admit that though. Her name is Saskia, in case you were wondering :)

I can't wait to read your book, so am looking forward to 10 November when it's published.

manda said...

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Glynis said...

I read both by my pool here in Cyprus. Looking forward to reading another. :)

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