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It Started With a Kiss week 9: Meet the band!

All this year, I'm keeping a video diary of everything that goes into writing my third novel, It Started With a Kiss, due to be published on 3rd November. This week, the structural edits continue, plus get a world premiere of my dream cast for The Pinstripes - the wedding band at the centre of the novel!

Thanks again for all your fab questions, too. This week, I talk about how my writing process has changed since I became a published author, writing full time (or not!), using real people as inspiration for my characters - and what can happen to my stories when real life influences fictional events...

On Twitter this week, we had a lot of fun as I gathered together my perfect cast for Romily and her friends in The Pinstripes wedding band. Thank you so much to everyone who suggested such amazing actors! For an exclusive introduction to the characters you'll read about in It Started With a Kiss, check out my Dream Cast list underneath the vlog!

So enjoy - and let me know if you have other suggestions for my cast.

Oh, by the way, if you're Richard Curtis and, by some amazingly implausible twist of fate, you've happened upon this blog post, you've got the cast all sorted below - so how about being my dream Director and making It Started With a Kiss the movie...? :o)

p.s. This week's YouTube nominated freeze frame is affectionately known as, 'Slightly Manic Neighbour'...

And now, for your viewing pleasure, may I proudly present...



played by Claire Foy (recently seen in BBC1's Little Dorrit)

By day, Romily is a jingle-writer for Brum FM, Birmingham's third most popular commercial radio station, but her real passion lies in songwriting and performing as part of The Pinstripes wedding band with her best friends. A strong believer in the power of possibility, she is confident and optimistic, with the kind of outlook on life that always looks for the best. When the story begins, Romily has just confessed her undying love to her best male friend Charlie (drummer with The Pinstripes), but unfortunately things have gone horribly wrong. Mortified and thoroughly embarrassed, Romily runs from him through the crowded streets of Birmingham's famous German Christmas Market - straight into the arms of a handsome stranger. So unexpected and world-changing is this moment that when the stranger is suddenly called away, Romily vows to spend the next year trying to find him. As she embarks on her yearlong quest, she will need all of her trademark positivity and resolve - especially when Charlie starts to change his mind...

played by Ben Barnes (recently seen in The Chronicles of Narnia)

Image from The
Gorgeous, arty, sensitive and charming, art gallery manager Charlie is the drummer with The Pinstripes and Romily's closest friend since school. They've shared everything over the years and know more about each other than either cares to admit. It's generally accepted in the band that he and Romily will one day get together - their chemistry is plain for all to see. After his initial bad reaction to Romily's confession, Charlie quickly seems to be backtracking - and with looks and charm this devastating, might he be the right one for Romily after all?

played by Holliday Grainger (recently seen in ITV1's Demons)

image source:
A sassy redhead with angelic looks and - it has to be said - an utterly filthy sense of humour, Wren is The Pinstripes' diminutive singer and bass player. Fiercely loyal to Romily, she champions her best friend's seemingly crazy quest to find the handsome stranger - but her overenthusiastic attempt to help (via an advert in the Encounters section of the local paper) leads to a couple of toe-curlingly awful dates for Romily... Always in demand with the male population of Birmingham and beyond, Wren harbours a secret soft spot for D'Wayne, hapless manager of The Pinstripes - even though he appears to be terrified of her!

played by Jim Sturgess (recently seen in the feature film The Way Back)

image source:
Guitarist and avid mountain biker, Tom is the charming joker of The Pinstripes. His brooding good looks and cheeky sense of humour makes him a definite hit with the ladies. A computer whizzkid by day, he is responsible for landing The Pinstripes their biggest gig to date: playing at the lavish, celebrity-packed wedding of his millionaire boss's daughter in a breathtaking London stately pile. But could his new girlfriend, ambitious journalist Cayte, be about to cause untold problems for Romily?

played by Christian Cooke (also recently seen in ITV1's Demons)

image source:
Gentle, wise-cracking Jack is the only member of The Pinstripes who works full-time in music - in the recording studio he owns in the heart of the City. One of Romily's closest confidants, Jack encourages her to pursue her songwriting ambitions when he sees her song ideas scribbled in a notebook that she inadvertently leaves at his studio. The house that he shares with his girlfriend Sophie is the unofficial base for The Pinstripes - from official band meetings to frequent social gatherings. Jack is also Charlie's best friend: can he see something developing between them that Charlie and Romily can't?

played by Adetomiwa Edun (recently seen in the RSC's Romeo and Juliet and BBC1's Merlin)

image source:
Hapless yet lovable D'Wayne is the not-so-hot manager of The Pinstripes. He's trying hard, but several of the wedding gigs he books for the band turn into complete disasters (don't even mention the One With the Tights...) Undaunted, his ambitions for the band only grow stronger - and when they land the Millionaire Gig, D'Wayne steps up his game. To the amusement of the band, the only person who can reduce this handsome, assured young man to a quivering wreck is tiny, flame-haired Wren - but does his apparent terror hide his true feelings for her?

So, what do you think? Let me know! More dream cast members will follow over the next few months, including UNCLE DUDLEY, AUNTIE MAGS, SOPHIE (Jack's girlfriend) and, of course, THE MYSTERY MAN! (watch out for him next week!)


Kim Curran said...

Great work with the casting. Claire Foy is a perfect choice for Rom. Look forward to seeing who you've chosen for the mystery man!

DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I always like hearing about your novel journey in the vlogs. And its nice to see Ben Barnes in your dream cast. ^-^

What really prompted this comment though, was that I was listening to your album tracks just now. I really like your style--but what's more, you inspire me. I haven't encountered too many authors who also write songs or sing, but it's one of my dreams to do both. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!

Donna said...

Oh I cannot WAIT to see Phil in your next book! That is so exciting! I never thought people would ask to be written much fun is that?!?! Lol. He'll make a fabulous character.

Kath said...

Another excellent vlog this week and that is one impressive cast list. If you sent Richard Curtis a link and a copy of the book when it's ready, he could probably have the film made in time for a Christmas release. I mean, you've practically done all the hard work for him. ;-)

Glynis Peters said...

Love your cast. I work with 'real' faces for my characters. For me it brings them alive.

BTW, I received a prize and it was Welcome To My World. Just finished reading and loved it.

So, where in Essex did you live? I am an Essex girl without the white stilleto shoes and shaadap voice. LOL

Suzy, The Grey Brunette said...

I love reading your blog and watching / listening to your vlogs... I think the vlog is a particularly great idea to connect with your readers - it really works! I have thought about doing it myself but haven't quite got the confidence (yet, anyway!)!!
You mentioned you would do anything legal to help market your books... so I have a favour to ask. I have a new guest area on my website ( that I would love you to feature on. Basically my idea is to have posts / articles written by authors about their background, why they write, what they write, hobbies (anything really!) with links to their sites, where their books can be bought etc etc. Interested? Just drop me an email to suzy.turner[at] and we can go from there!!
Keep up the fab posts Miranda!!

Dot said...

Great post again! Can't wait to read the book! My question is whether you have any writing superstitions? I know that some authors will only write with a certain pen or have to sit on a particular chair?

Harriet said...

Hi Miranda!

I have just finished reading Welcome To My World and absolutely loved it! I honestly could not put it down. At the back of the book I read the excerpt for It Started With a Kiss and couldn't help myself...I just had to take a cheeky look at your website for updates on the book! Et VOILA! Here is the dream cast!!!

In a completely obsessive, I loved Welcome To My World kinda way, I'm just gonna put it out there -Any chance of seeing your dream cast for Harri's world??? Obviously, she'd be played by Amy Adams I'm guessing?? :D

Keep writing and singing!
Much love

Anonymous said...

Ben Barnes as Charlie - lush, lush, lush! I'd want him to use his Caspian accent though which doesn't really fit with the Brummie part of the plot does it? Ah well! Love you M xx

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