Friday, March 4, 2011

It Started With a Kiss week 6: Editing, covers and film deals...

All this year, I'm keeping a video diary of everything that goes into writing my third novel, It Started With a Kiss, due to be published in November. This week, I'm doing things a little differently, so there are two parts to the vlog! Part one is about the editing process that began this week and in part two I'm answering more of your fab questions.

So much has been happening this week, it was impossible to cram everything into one video (you know how much I can talk!) I'm starting the editing process, so I'll tell you about the mammoth seven-hour editorial meeting I had on Monday - and let you in on how writers really feel about edit notes from their publishers...

Thanks again for all your fabulous questions! This week, I'm answering questions from Emily and fabulous book-bloggers-extraordinaire Dot from Dot Scribbles and Leah from Chicklit Reviews. Please check out their sites if you haven't already - they're awesome.

I also have a brand new hat (yeah, baby...)

So sit back, grab a cuppa and prepare yourself for a double-bill of nattering!

p.s. I'm calling this week's YouTube-designated freeze-frame shots 'Invisible Dog' (part one) and 'Invisible Rabbit' (part two).




Anonymous said...

Love the hat! I'm not particularly hat-inclined, but I'm learning so much hat stuff with your vlogs!

I loved this week's vlog about your editor meeting, it's so fascinating to know how much your publisher thinks needs changing and to then get your reaction to learning all of that! Publishing can definitely be brutal and I'm looking forward to following your editing journey.

Today's question is to do with the writing side of things. When someone is wanting to send their book in to agents and publishers, there are certain rules about how the manuscript should be printed. Can you explain to us (and maybe show us?) about how to format your manuscript properly? Sorry if it's an obvious question, but the double-spacing and what not confuses me for some reason!

Dot said...

Great vlogs! Really interesting and I loved the hat!

Cathleen Holst said...

Such a lovely vlog. I'm so glad you started doing these. Something I'd love to see you talk about is saying 'nighty-night' to any type of social life while writing. Can you talk about some of the sacrifices you had to make? I missed my own birthday party last year while writing/editing.

Can't wait to celebrate you over on my blog next month!

Keep 'em coming!
C xx

Donna said...

Loving the vlogs! It's really interesting to see it all coming together and get an insight into the world of editing and hats! My question is to do with how you structure your writing time - do you have anything specific you do to prepare or get yourself in the zone? And when you're not up against a tight deadline do you write at specific times and for a specific time or just when you feel called to do so?

Thanks! Donna.x

Rin said...

Another fantastic vlog, thanks Miranda.

I'm editing the first half of my novel at the moment and found it incredibly reassuring to hear that the what you submit to your editor first time round doesn't have to be fully formed and perfect, and that I will have a chance to sit down with someone and go through what works and what doesn't (if it gets to that stage of course!).

I know it must be a really hard thing to do, but at this point I feel so much at sea that I would actually relish the chance to do just that.

Anyway, I hope the editing goes well and thank you for taking the time to do these vlogs, they really are very helpful.

Emmy Jo said...

Thanks for answering my question Miranda! Like the others, I'm learning a lot also and can't wait to watch the new ones each week!

Sort of sticking to the film/TV side of things from my last question: in an ideal world, who would your dream cast be for Welcome To My World forthe characters of Harri, Alex, Stella, Rob & Viv? Actors/actresses that are no longer alive can be included too!

Emily X

Suzy Turner said...

Hi Miranda!
I'm loving your vlogs... they're really fun and interesting for me, both as a fan of your work (I've finally started reading Fairytale of New York - about a third of my way through. It's FANTASTIC! It's making me really want to go back to New York) and a fellow author. I'm very curious as to who you would cast to play Rosie, Ed and particularly Marnie... I just love her!?
My second question is, how long was Coffee at Kowalksi's on Authonomy before you were discovered?

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