Friday, October 22, 2010

Here it is!!

Finally, after a year of pretty much hard slog, here is my new sparkly novel, Welcome to My World!
The first copies arrived this week and I have to say they look throughly gorgeous.
Here are the first-look pics:

This time, the sparkles continue in full glorious technicolour on the inside cover and I even have a strap-line now: Escape with Miranda - how mad is that?!

The thing I love the most is the 'By the same author' page - so nice to have not just one but two books out there now (or soon...)

So it's all really exciting! I'm also chuffed to bits because, after five years of begging studio time and lots of writing, my very first album About Time is going to be launched on the same day as Welcome to My World - 11th November! Here's a sneaky peek at the album cover:

Keep your eyes peeled here on Coffee and Roses for a chance to win signed copies of Welcome to My World and About Time coming very soon!

It's all ridiculously exciting and I can't quite believe it's all happening. Seeing my book for the first time was amazing - I've written about the moment I saw the finished copies of Welcome to My World for the first time over on the Authonomy blog this week.

You can hear some of the tracks from About Time here - and, although the completed master mixes on the album are much better than these, it should give you an idea of what my music sounds like!


Jamie Manning said...

Oh it's beautiful...congratulations!

Talli Roland said...

Wooooo...! How amazing - congrats! I can't *wait* to read it and 'escape with Miranda'! :)

Kath said...

I totaly love the sparkly turquoise cover. Can't wait to see it "in the card", so to speak, and so cool that the album's launching on the same day.

I also think it's very exciting that you've kicked off your 'By the same author' page. Looking forward to collecting the set as that list grows.

chillcat said...

Congratulations Miranda! I can feel your excitement from over here. Good luck with your double launch and hope there are lots of readers/listeners out there xxcat

Suzy Turner said...

This is so cool Miranda! I can't wait to read both your books (I've just ordered your first).
I also just wanted to invite you to pop over to my blog, where I've given you a 'blog award'!
Best wishes
Suzy Turner
(from the Miranda Dickinson Appreciation Society.... lol, just kidding!!)

jen said...

Congrats!! Excited to check it out, and follow all of your adventures.

The Survival Mama

Christy said...

Congrats! What a great Veterans day you will have.

Carol said...


Loved Fairytale of New York and am looking forward to Welcome to My World.
It is on my Christmas list to Santa.


ToyahTheWriter said...

Congratulations - it's so inspiring to read about your success! :o)

Miranda Dickinson said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone! I'm really excited to see what people think when the book is actually on the shelves - I think it looks really sparkly and gorgeous, so it hopefully should stand out!

M xx

Francine Howarth said...


Ive followed your journey from unpubbed to pubbed author via Authonomy, and it's really great to see a second book about to hit the bookstands.

Good luck with potential awards, and let's hope more young writers find success with HC, too.


Unknown said...

Your blog is the most adorable thing!!!

I'm a new follower, thanks to a fabulous interview over at High Heels and Book Deals!

I'm so mad I'm not living in the UK because this book sounds divine! I really want it!!! I was hoping they sell it on the Book Depository so I can snatch a copy because Fairytale to New York also sounds amazing!!!

Happy to be a new follower :)

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