Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forget the Budget and the World Cup...

What with Mr Osborne's doom-laden budget and England's - um - mixed fortunes at the World Cup, it would be easy to feel depressed this week...

But all is not lost. Ever the optimist, I would like to present a truly positive story to bring a much-needed smile back to your face.

Click here to watch Smudge - the biker dog!

(I dare you to watch it and not smile!)

Feeling better? All part of the service, ladies and gents!


Cathleen Holst said...

Completely presh!

You were right. I couldn't watch it without smiling.

Thanks for sharing.

C xx said...

Thanks for this, Miranda. Made me smile and the fact the interview is near the Humber Bridge, on the foreshore where I spent many happy hours as a child, is just a bonus. Keep cheering us up.

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