Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow, Birthdays and Book 2...

After all the excitement of the past few weeks, it's time to get back to work...

Stourbridge was quite badly hit with the snow, so I ended up working from home for most of last week, only making it into the office on Friday. Having said that, it was actually a lot of fun - not least because of the 'bulldog spirit' that the freezing weather seemed to inspire in my neighbours. I found it fascinating to chat with people I don't normally see that much of during the week - and, in true British style, talking about the weather was the ice-breaker (sorry for the pun) that everyone needed to start talking.

Now, it seems to be melting and -1oC yesterday felt positively tropical by comparison to the scary temperatures we've had recently! Mind you, while I know I should be happy that the snow is going, I can't help but feel a small pang of childish disappointment because I love watching snow falling so much... :o(

So, back to writing the first draft of Welcome to My World - my second novel. It's all going well and I'm planning to post some juicy details here and on my website in the coming weeks and months - so keep watching for those! Just like it happened when I was writing Fairytale of New York, all kinds of weird and wonderful characters are turning up - like Harri's ginger and white tabby cat, Ron Howard, who is kind of like a feline equivalent of a Greek Chorus at pertinent moments! More to follow soon...

I'm always amazed at all the stuff in the media about January being the most depressing month of the year. It's never been like that for me because my birthday's in January! Like every year, I'm ridiculously excited about the day and slightly bemused about the age I'll be (what do you mean I'm not 25?!?!) So, next Monday (18th) I will mostly be jumping around like a kid on Haribo overload and completely forgetting how old I actually am :o)

If the old adage is true and you're really only as old as you feel, then I'm a giggling 5-year-old!
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